Anatomy flashcards


Anatomy flashcards

We proudly present our first (well, the translation of the first one) mobile application- Anatomy Flashcards. What’s that, how does it work? We’re going to tell you all about it below

Polish version available here.


When we’ve started our medical studies, we spent a lot of time making our own medical flashcards. If you’ve never tried out this learning technique, we highly recommend to give it a shot. Its biggest advantages are:
• The possibility of learning in every place
• You don’t have to ask other people to test your knowledge- you can do it all by yourself
• The process of making flashcards itself makes memorizing the material much easier
• In the bus, in the queue, wherever you get bored- our flashcards are always a solution when you’ve already browsed your facebook wall for the 4rd time ;)
Of course, we would prefer to have already made learning materials instead to make them on our own- we were able to find one or two anatomy quiz or just some random anatomy questions, but it was not the thing we were looking for. That’s why this year we’ve decided to help our younger colleagues and make a mobile application, which will allow to enjoy anatomy flashcards on their smartphones.

How does it work?

First of all you have to download the app from the Google Play store- don’t worry, it’s completely free. Unfortunately, right now our app is available for Android users only- the costs of migration to iOS are too high. There is a single commercial banner inside the app- we hope that it will give us a chance to make an app for Apple devices one day.

We count on you and your support!

When you find an error in the app or in some question, please let us know! We would really appreciate that. Just leave a comment here or on our fanpage, you can also write an e-mail. If you will find a mistake in the question, please use the report button (exclamation mark in upper right corner). Right now there are only about 250 flashcards in the app but there will be more soon- I am keep translating them from the original, polish version of the application. If you have any flashcards of your own and you would like to share them with us, feel free to send them to us, we would be honored to include them in the app!



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